2020 is the "It's a Breast Thing Year of Giving"

We will be:

  • Speaking to groups to explain who we are and what we do.
  • Hosting small gatherings to spread the word about It’s a Breast Thing.
  • Awarding more grants to local breast cancer patients in financial need.

What you can do to help “It’s a Breast Thing” in 2020.

  • Connect us with breast cancer patients that you know who are in need.
  • Host a gathering or volunteer at one of the It’s a Breast Thing events.

Your financial support is always appreciated.

The Year of Giving will take the place of our event in October. Mark your calendars for our next event on Tuesday October 5th, 2021.

We invite you to please be involved in supporting our local breast cancer patients by attending, volunteering or hosting a gathering. Join us on Facebook to see what is happening.

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Your SUPPORT is always appreciated as the need for donations in 2020 is greater than ever. There are so many local breast cancer patients in financial need and the grants we award with the money you donate will make a huge difference in our community!

The mission for “Our Year Of Giving” is to reach out to organizations, churches, small groups etc to let everyone know who “It’s a Breast Thing” Non Profit is and that we award grants to local breast cancer patients.

Please help us accomplish our mission by donating today and by reaching out to us with the name of groups that our Outreach Committee could talk to. Thank You for your continued support!

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