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In Memory Of

In memory of Zena Biocca donor recognition Diane Levy
In loving remembrance of Lorna Longendyke from the Rob Longendyke family
Bev and Dan Tibbits in memory of Lorna Longendyke
Jenni Johnson in memory of Lorna Longendyke
Mark and Shelley O'Neill in memory of Gerrie Taylor
Gloria Stephens Smith a Donation of $75.00 in memory of Veronica Lynn ( Battle ) Dotson
In memory of Janie Tabler given by Larry & Suzi Wyman
In memory of their dear friend Yvonne Parker a donation of $802.00 from her co-workers who miss her dearly.
Cathy Benson donated $50 in memory Of Rachel Campbell
In loving memory of Deanna Darling donations of $3025 from family and friends
In loving memory of Robin Myers donations of $3850 given by friends and family.
A donation of $125 give by The Braymen Family, Walker Family, The Lemmen’s and The Heffernan’s in loving memory of Denise Simbob
Donation of $250 to Small Acts Campaign made by Ben Darling in memory of Deanna Darling-She’s Truly Missed
Donation of $500 made by Ben Darling in loving memory of Deanna Darling
Michael & Victoria Caine donated $100 in memory of Sarah Mittina
Susan McPhail donated $300 in memory of Dorothy Rush
Pamela Howe-Perry donated $200 in memory of Deanna Darling
Barb Boyd donated in memory of Janie Tabler

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