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Mission of "It's a Breast Thing"

Is to enrich the lives of local breast cancer patients on their journey to better health. We do this through:

  • grants to residents of Clinton, Eaton, Ingham & Shiawassee counties or those living outside the 4 county area but receiving their treatment in the named counties who have unmet needs related to their breast cancer treatment;

  • a fundraising "Event" showcasing the latest information on breast health, breast cancer prevention and treatment;

  • a themed bra decorating contest at the event;

  • a calendar with the contest winning bras modeled by local breast cancer survivors;

  • establishing a partnership with local providers and supporters of those in treatment for breast cancer.

It's a Breast Thing Non Profit Corporation is a collaborative effort of Suzi Wyman & Barb McKessy, and Dr. LaKeeya Tucker of Alliance OB/GYN who are committed to helping women with breast cancer in our local communities.

To purchase or inquire about an It's a Breast Thing Calendar please call 517-980-0357.
If you are a Breast Cancer Survivor and would like to become a Calendar Girl leave your name, number and email at 517-980-0357.


Your Favorite Book

(Books already chosen for this year, no duplicates allowed)

The Sorcerers Stone-Harry Potter ✓ Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back ✓
Cat in the Hat ✓ Beauty and The Beast ✓
Game of Thrones ✓ Outlander ✓
Where The Wild Things Are ✓ Little Red Riding Hood ✓
Lord of the Rings ✓ Alice in Wonderland ✓
The Reel Sisters ✓ Charlotte’s Web ✓
Wicked ✓ The Secret Life of Bees ✓
Girl Stop Apologizing ✓ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe ✓
Winnie The Pooh ✓ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ✓
To Kill a Mocking Bird ✓ Hidden Figures ✓
Witches Haircut ✓ The Joy of Cooking ✓
The Great Gatsby ✓ The Princess Bride ✓
Oh, The Places You’ll Go ✓  Rainbow Fish ✓
Are You There God? ✓  

The Morning Blend Interview


WSYM — Barb McKessy, Co-Founder of It's a Breast Thing, and Lori Battley-Williams, Owner of Young Bros & Daley, talk about what It's a Breast Thing is and their upcoming event to raise money to help breast cancer patients who are going through treatment with financial services.