2015 Rules and Information for Bra Contestants


Registration Form

Co-Founder Barb McKessy discusses how breast cancer patients are assisted by the It's a Breast Thing event. This year's event is Tuesday, October 6 from 5-8pm at Eagle Eye Golf Club.

Here's the link to the segment: It's a Breast Thing - FOX 47 News

  1. Your Bra Decorating theme is an "TV Show of the 60's." The TV Show must have started in the 60's. Have Fun! Anything Goes! Bras must have a name!

  2. Entry cost is $30.00 which also includes your name and picture of your bra on the back of the 2016 calendar. A limit of 30 bras will be allowed into the contest so get your form and payment in today!

    Completed forms & payment are due by August 30, 2015.

    Please make checks out to: It's A Breast Thing Non Profit Corporation and send to PO Box 743, East Lansing, MI 48826 or drop off at Salon Savvy 1429 W. Saginaw St. Suite 110 East Lansing 48823. Phone number for Salon Savvy is 517-253-7478 if directions are needed.

  3. Entrants must purchase a 36 or 38 C full cup bra for decorating and all decorating materials. Every entry must have a bra showing that is decorated NOT a top made over a bra!

* Any bra that has straight pins, staples or sharp items on it that might hurt a model will not be allowed in the contest.

This is a "Bra Decorating Contest". To be contender for the calendar all bras must be wearable by our calendar models, must be back closure only, full coverage, padded and store purchased (not hand made) and please avoid heavy push up bras. Bras that do not follow the above stated rules will be on display only but not voted on for a winning place in the calendar. Plastic bra display forms and signage will be provided.

Wearable means "NO STRAIGHT PINS, STAPLES OR ANYTHING THAT COULD PUNCTURE SKIN". If your bra does not comply with the guidelines it will not be allowed to compete for a place as one of the top 12 bras. There will be no exceptions!

  1. Decorated Bras must be finished and on display in your business by September 4, 2015. Non business entrants must drop bras off at Salon Savvy where they will be displayed.

  2. Voting on bras will take place on the same evening as "It's A Breast Thing" educational evening. This event will be held at Eagle Eye Golf Club at 15500 S. Chandler Road just north of East Lansing. The event will be on Tuesday October 6, 2015 from 5pm-8pm with voting taking place from 5pm-6:30pm.

  3. The top 12 vote recipients will be featured in the It's A Breast Thing Calendar for 2016. Calendars will go on sale in November the Monday before Thanksgiving at Salon Savvy. There will be an honorary page on the back of the calendar that will feature all bras. Proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go to It's A Breast Thing Non Profit Corporation to support the needs of women who are in treatment with their out of pocket expenses with breast cancer in our community.

  4. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

  5. The top 12 winning bras may be picked up after the October 18th photo shoot at Salon Savvy 1429 W. Saginaw St. Suite 110 East Lansing. All other bras can be taken the night of the event.

  6. All and anything on bra or with bra goes to the winning bid at event (do not expect to retrieve anything after voting).

    Contestants must attend the evening event. If you have any questions about the bras or the event please call Barb or Suzi at (517) 980-0357.


2015 New Bra Voting Rules

  1. There will be 3 tickets in each guest bag to vote on the top 3 bras.

  2. Additional tickets will be available to purchase for $1 each at the cashier table for additional voting.

  3. As a bra contestant you will receive 100 tickets to sell to anyone, those will be 100 votes for your bra. This is an opportunity for people who want to support you but can’t attend the event.

  4. When you sell your tickets for $1 each you keep the tickets so that they will be added to your ticket count.

  5. If you have sold your 100 tickets and need more you will have to turn in the first 100 tickets + $100. You will do that at Salon Savvy.

    *If requesting additional tickets you will need to contact Suzi!

  6. The deadline for the pre sold tickets to count for your bra is October 2 by 5:00pm. and anything after that date will not count for your bra!!!!

    * If other arrangements are needed you MUST call Suzi or Barb!

  7. We will then be able to keep track of the amount of pre sales that were done. Bravo to all of you for your continued support of breast cancer patients!

Win/Win for all!